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A Little Bit About Us...

We Are Experts In The PTAC & Hotel Industry!

  • We Have Over 30 Years Experience In The PTAC Equipment Business
  • We Have Helped Thousands Of Hotels Save Money On Wasted Energy.
  • We Work With Major Hotel Chains Including Marriott, Sheraton & IHG.
  • We Are An Independent Energy Consultant To The Hotel Industry. 
  • We Provide Low Cost Replacement PTACs & Accessories 
  • No Hotel Is Too Small Or Too Big. We Want To Help You Save Money! 
  • Hotels Are Just One Market We Serve Many Other Markets As Well

Here Are The Facts:

  • Guest Rooms Are Vacant Most Of The Day But PTACs Keep On Running.
  • PTAC/HVAC Equipment Represent Over 40% Of Your Electricity Cost.
  • Hotel Guest Rooms Are Un-Occupied Over 60% Of The Day.
  • Hotels Spend A Fortune On PTAC Units That Are Not Thermostat Connected.
  • Most Hoteliers Are Not Aware Of How Much They Are Spending.
  • Most Hoteliers Are Not Aware Of Available Rebate Incentive Programs. 


Hotel Chains We Work With...

Hilton Hotels


Marriott Hotels


Sheraton Hotels


IHG Hotels


Hyatt Hotels


Choice Hotels


Introducing The Verdant Thermostat Solution!

Up & Running In Less Than 15 Minutes Per Room!

  1. Install The Smart Card In The PTAC Unit. (10 Minutes)
  2. Secure The Wireless Thermostat On The Wall (5 Minutes)
  3. That's It. You're Done In Less Than 15 Minutes Per Room

Consider All These Great Benefits! 

  • No Wires To Run! Simple To Install For Anyone 
  • No Need For Expensive Equipment!
  • No Need To Pay Contractor Labor Cost!
  • No Monthly Maintenance Fees!
  • No More Guest Complaints!
  • No More Huge Electric Bills!  
  • No Interference With Guest Wi-Fi Internet

The Extra Perks:

  • Allows Housekeeping To See Vacant Rooms
  • Automatic Text & Email Alerts To Hotel Staff 
  • Manage & Control All Your Rooms On The Web
  • Reduce Guest Refunds & Comps For Sleepless Nights
  • Qualifies For Many Energy Rebate Incentive Programs


Simple To Use Yet Packed With Smart Intelligence

How The Verdant Thermostat Works?


Your Guests Check Into The Room

The Verdant Energy Management Thermostats Built-In Occupancy Motion Sensor Detects the Motion & Sets Itself Automatically Into Guest Occupancy Mode & Allows The Guest To Set The Temperature They Desire (with limit ranges) So Their Comfort Is Not Compromised In Any Way. 

Your Guests Leave The Room For The Day Or Evening

The Verdant Energy Management Thermostat Built-In Occupancy Sensor Sets Itself Automatically  Into Energy Management Saver Mode & Sets The Thermostat Back To A Pre-Set Temperature Point While The Guest Room is Not Occupied. This Is When You Will See Your Huge Energy Savings.  

Your Guests Return To The Room

As Soon As Your Guests Return To The Room The Verdant Energy Management Thermostat System Automatically Go Into "Recovery Mode". Recovery Mode will automatically recover the PTAC or HVAC Unit Back To The Temperature The Guest Had Set It For In As Little As Five To Twenty Minutes Based On The Pre-Set Profile You Choose. Your Guests Comfort Level Is Never Lost.   

When Your Guests Are Sleeping

Unlike most Energy Management Thermostat Manufacturers Who Rely On A Motion Sensor Only Verdant Energy Management Thermostats Also Have A Built-In Thermal Sensor Which Detects Body Heat So That Even Though Motion is Not Detected The Smart Thermostat Is Still Aware That The Room Is Occupied & Therefore Will Not Go Into Energy Saver Mode  & Disrupt The Guest. 

Total Network Management

Network Managed Thermostats


  • The Verdant Energy Management Thermostat System Requires Very Little Equipment. Just Connect The On-Line Connection Box To Your Internet Router & All The Hotel Thermostats Are Connected To The Cloud For Complete On-Site and Off-Site Control.

Manage All Your Room PTACs From One Place


Get The Big Picture Right On Your PC, Tablet or Smart Phone. The Verdant Energy Intelligence Application Will Give You 24/7 PTAC and Thermostat Status With Real Time Temperature & Energy Saving Reporting. It Will Even Send You Text Alerts Showing PTAC Malfunctions or Other Potential Problems So You Can Address Them & Fix The Issue. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Now That's One Question We Get Alot. All Pricing Is Discussed By Phone Only But We Know You Will Be Very Surprised To Find Out Just How Affordable It Is. Book A Time To Talk With Us Below & You'll Get The Full Scoop. 

2020 Energy Rebate Programs

Take Advantage of Rebate Offers To Maximize Your Energy Savings

The following is a list of regional electric utility companies who have a fixed rate program in place which would apply to your hotel or commercial facility if you install an energy management thermostats with occupancy sensors. These rebate incentives can substantially reduce your upfront cost and offer you a very quick return on your investment (ROI).  We take care of the application process and you receive a check directly from your utility company approximately 2-4 weeks after installation. Please keep in mind these rebate incentive programs can change or close at anytime so take advantage of them while they are still available to you. Please contact us at (631) 446-2299 if you have any questions on the rebate programs. 

South Carolina $80 Rebate Incentive (Duke Energy)

North Carolina $80 Rebate Incentive (Duke Energy)

Kentucky $50 Rebate Incentive (Duke Energy)

Ohio $50 Rebate Incentive (Duke Energy)

New York City 50% Rebate Incentive (Con Edison)

New Jersey $75 Rebate Incentive (Clean Energy)

Pennsylvania $50 Rebate Incentive (PPL Electric)

Massachusetts $75 Rebate Incentive (Mass Save)

Maryland $70 Rebate Incentive (Baltimore Gas & Electric)

Ohio $50 Rebate Incentive (AEP Ohio)

Other Regional Utility Rebate Incentives

  • Arizona $50 Rebate (APS) 
  • Calfornia $160 Rebate (Ecology Action)
  • Hawaii $75 Rebate (Hawaii Energy)
  • Idaho $70 Rebate (Idaho Power)
  • Indiana $80 Rebate (Indiana P&L)
  • Iowa $50 Rebate (Alliant Energy)
  • Iowa $50 Rebate (Mid American Energy)
  • Lousiana $50 Rebate (Entergy New Orleans)
  • Maryland $70 Rebate (Pepco)
  • Maryland $70 Rebate (Delmarva Power)
  • Michigan $80 Rebate (Consumers Energy)
  • Michigan $30 Rebate (DTE Energy)
  • Minnesota $75 Rebate (RPU)
  • Nevada $50 Rebate (Nevada Energy)
  • New Mexico $60 Rebate (PNM)
  • Oklahoma $85 Rebate (AEP)
  • Oregon $50 Rebate (Pacific Power)
  • Oregon $50 Rebate (Portland General Electric)
  • Pennsylvania $20 Rebate (Peco Energy)
  • Rhode Island $70 Rebate (National Grid)
  • Texas $30 Rebate (CPS Energy)
  • Utah $50 Rebate (Rocky Mountain Power)
  • Wisconsin $60 Rebate (Wiscoinsin Public Serv)
  • Wyoming $50 Rebare (Rocky Mountain Power)

Upgrade Your PTACs Today

Friedrich 9K BTU PTAC


This Friedrich 9000 BTU PTAC is perfect for standard hotel rooms with a square footage of 250-400 square feet.

Friedrich 12K BTU PTAC


This Friedrich 12000 BTU PTAC is perfect for hotel rooms with a square footage of 400-600 square feet. 

Friedrich 15K BTU PTAC


This Friedrich 15000 BTU PTAC is perfect for large hotel rooms or suites with a square footage of over 600 square feet. 

Listen To What This Hotelier Has To Say!

See How The Verdant EMS has helped this hotelier. Watch! 

The Markets We Serve



 The average hotel room is empty 60% of the time, even when rented, and has no fixed occupancy patterns.  That makes it the perfect type of property for the Verdant energy management system. 

Multi-Family Apartments


Whether tenant-paid or owner-paid utilities, Verdant’s system has software to customize and automate energy management at the property level.

Senior/Assisted Living


 Residents of senior living communities often spend large parts of their day in common spaces and away from their rooms. 

Student Housing


Student occupancy patterns generally revolve around class schedules, and change from semester to semester.  They’re also punctuated by long holiday breaks where rooms remain empty for long periods of time.  

Nursing Homes


Nursing homes have unique needs as patients may be moved from room to room.  Temperature settings need to be constantly changed as patients have different comfort levels. 

Healthcare Facilities


Large healthcare facilities such as hospitals with many different departments and patient rooms change by the hour. Managing heating and cooling needs can be overwhelming without a EMS system in place. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will It Take To Pay Off The System Cost?

 There are several factors that contribute to the length of the payback period, including the location of your property, seasonal factors, and the availability of any rebates through your utility company. If you’d like a quote for your project with a projected breakeven period please contact us. 

What's the impact of your system on room temperature?

 When a Verdant thermostat detects someone in a room, the occupant is allowed full control over temperature.  When the room becomes unoccupied, the thermostat allows the temperature to drift up or down by a few degrees until the room becomes occupied again, at which point the temperature recovers to the occupant’s previous setting. 

Are there financial rebates or incentives available for your system?

 Yes, most utility companies across North America will provide rebates for our system, up to 100% of the system cost.  See The List Of Electric Utility Company Rebate Incentive Offers.

Who is using Verdant?


Verdant thermostats are now installed in thousands of hotels across North America, and that number is growing quickly.

We are an approved vendor of all major hotel chains such as IHG, Hilton, Marriott, etc, and we’ve also worked with schools, assisted living facilities, condos, and commercial office buildings.

Are Verdant thermostats compatible with my HVAC system?

 Whether you have fan coils, PTACs, VTACs, a split system, or something else, Verdant thermostats are compatible with the vast majority of HVAC units on the market. 

How much energy/money will I save?


Most properties see a 40% reduction in guestroom energy usage, which translates to about 15-20% savings on their overall energy bill.

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